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The first ever pay what you want fitness advice. Providing e-books, diet plans, training programs, supplement regimes, and much more. Pay what it’s worth to you! An affordable way to get fit.

What Sets Founder Fitness Apart?

Pay What You Want

Pay what you think our plans, e-books, programs, and more are worth. With so many making you pay 100s to 1,000s a month for advice, we wanted to make getting fit affordable for everybody! We want to help you get fit, not help ourselves get rich.


Personally Tested

All advice, plans, programs, or guides we give you are personally tested by ourselves. We would not give out advice that didn’t have tremendous results for us. We only give out advice with quality results and quality research behind it for your safety.

Official Certifications

Our founder is an officially Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrionist. So not only is all advice battle tested, but backed by certifications that you can trust. Don’t take advice from someone that doesn’t have the body or certifications to back it up.


One on One Support

We make getting fit easy and effortless, with one on one support. Work with our founder and personally get his advice and answers to all your questions. Getting the body you want and living a healthier life doesn’t have to be confusing any longer!

Meet the Founder

Evan Laird is a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.Ā Since the start of his fitness journey, he has lost over 50lbs, dropped below 8% body fat, and increased his max bench over 100%. On top of being a fitness advocate, he’s a student entrepreneur running a digital marketing company. Spending his free time learning, researchingĀ and testing diet plans, training programs, and all different supplements trying to optimize his body and mind for peak performance. Hit him on the socials below!

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Our content is and will always be “pay what you think it’s worth”! Making fitness advice, plans, and programs affordable for whatever situation you are in. If you love the content it would mean the world if you’d help out and keep it the website running and more content coming. Thank you for the support! šŸ¤—

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